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ecoNEXT App Privacy Policy


1. General information

1.1. ecoNEXT Application has been created and is distributed by PLUM Sp. z o.o. located in Ignatki, ul. Wspólna 19, Ignatki, 16-001 Kleosin, entered into the National Court Register by District Court XII Commercial Division of the National Court Register under no. KRS 0000153696, NIP: 966-14-27-390, REGON: 050878784, initial capital: 2 355 800,00 PLN, further as “PLUM”.

1.2. PLUM can be contacted via e-mail:, by phone: 85 749-70-00, by post: ul. Wspólna 19, Ignatki, 16-001 Kleosin.

1.3. ecoNEXT Application is intended to configure HVAC controllers, that are produced by PLUM, (further as: „Controller”) by connecting Users device with ecoNEXT Application.

1.4. ecoNEXT Application privacy policy (further as “Policy”) aims to provide information on using data and information by ecoNEXT Application considering person using ecoNEXT Application (further as “User”) or device on which it has been installed (further as: “Users Device”), and privileges to use necessary components of Users Device by ecoNEXT Application.

2. Rules of using data and information

2.1. ecoNEXT Application does not gather or use ANY personal data of User, that is information on identified or possible to identify natural person. ecoNEXT Application does not recognize Users identity.

2.2. The only information that is being stored in ecoNEXT Application that user can manage as desired are configuration snapshots created by user and preferences of the application, those preferences include only:

● ecoNEXT Application theme,
● ecoNEXT Application language,
● ecoNEXT Application prefered temperature unit.

This data is used in order to configure ecoNEXT Application behavior and look the way the User has decided it to be.

3. Rules of using privileges to Users Device components

3.1. For proper functionality of ecoNEXT Application it is necessary that ecoNEXT
Application uses components of Users Device.

3.2. Before using these components ecoNEXT Application will request for granting
privileges to Users Device components.

3.3. To use the ecoNEXT Application following Users Device components are

3.3.1. Bluetooth, necessary for:

● establishing connection and communication between Users
Device and selected controller,

3.3.2. Location of Users Device, only necessary for:

● finding surrounding BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) devices
(including when application is closed or not in use). The
physical location of the device is never determined or used for
any purpose,

3.3.3. Writing and reading of device memory (write external storage, read
external storage), necessary for:

● managing software update files for the controller,
● creating and managing configuration snapshots,

3.3.4. Vibration, necessary for:

● informing user about copying app special password.

4. Final provisions

4.1. Privacy policy can be amended by PLUM.