We care of the reliability of our products

When creating innovative technological solutions we are guided by concern of comfort and convenience of use of our devices. We make sure that our devices serve as long as possible for our customers by surrounding them with special care and professional service. Therefore we have created a professional Technical Department, in which a team of highly skilled engineers surrounds our every single product by a technical support – to be sure that you can enjoy your device.

In order to perform a service request please fill and send filled Repair form together with the device to our service. It is a prerequisite to begin a complaint procedure.


Works from Monday to Friday from 7:00 am to 03:00 pm

Heating and Ventilation:

E-mail: serwis.ogrzewnictwo@plum.pl

Phone: +48 85 749 70 08, Fax: +48 85 749 70 10

Individual Customer Service:

E-mail: serwis.zamowienia@plum.pl

Gas and Water:

E-mail: serwis@plum.pl

Phone: +48 85 749 71 63

Shipping address

PLUM Sp. z o.o.
ul.Wspólna 19, Ignatki
16-001 Kleosin

We offer proffesional trainingss

Phone +48 85 749 70 40