Highest quality

Integrated Management System

The PLUM company has an Integrated Management System, Quality, Work Safety and Environmental Protection. It is one of the essential elements of a well-thought-out action strategy aimed at satisfying customers’ needs and caring for health and the environment. Therefore, the company’s products are created under conditions of full supervision over processes.

Certified devices

The PLUM can ensure that its products are manufactured according to strictly defined rules, in accordance with legal requirements and Polish and European standards in the field of, among others legal metrology, explosion-proof testing, electromagnetic compatibility testing, service safety testing. One of the most important features that characterizes the quality of Plum Sp. z o.o. it is their safety, as many electronic devices manufactured in the company work in potentially explosive areas and carry out specific measurements in industry and households.

PLUM Policy

The supreme document of the Integrated Management System in the company Plum Sp. z o.o. is the Quality Policy for the Environment and Work Safety. It defines the basis for the functioning of our company. It is a reflection of how the Integrated Management System is organized. Defines priorities, sets out future activities and formulates directions for further improvement. It contains the promise of the highest management to implement the commitments assumed in it.