Floor heating system controller


Integrated Installation Assistant


Online or offline system configuration


Wired and wireless thermostats


Suitable for all popular surface heating systems

xFLOOR controller

The xFLOOR controller allows to control thermoelectric actuators for eight separate heating zones. Information about the current zone temperature is read from wireless and wired thermostats and temperature sensors. The ability to precisely regulate the temperature in individual rooms of the building’s heating zones provides significant savings in heating energy consumption.

  • Heating and cooling
  • Wired and wireless thermostats in one system
  • Offline system configuration
  • System expansion according to the users needs and the situation in the building
  • Thermostats with cooling algorithms
  • Suitable for all popular heating surface systems
  • Quick installation and simple maintenance
  • Solution for new and old buildings

xFLOOR configuration

To configure the most basic xFLOOR system, only four components are needed: the xFLOOR module, the xTHERM 30p room thermostat, the TTO 230V actuator and the free ecoNEXT app. The system allows flexible expansion at any time.



A basic solution for controlling a floor heating system.

  • xFLOOR module, xTHERM 30p thermostat, TTO 230V actuator, ecoNEXT application
  • Simple and fast solution
  • Price-competitive solution
  • Easy system expansion in the future
  • Local bluetooth configuration


Comfortable solution with Internet connectivity.

  • xFLOOR module, xTHERM thermostats, TTO 230V actuators, ecoNEXT application and xCLOUD internet module
  • Wired and/or wireless thermostats
  • Local configuration via bluetooth
  • Remote control and configuration
  • Simple and intuitive installation
  • WIFI communication


A solution with expanded control.

  • xFLOOR module, xTHERM thermostats, TTO 230V actuators, ecoNEXT application, xCLOUD internet module and xTHERM TOUCH panel
  • Touch screen with thermostat function
  • Wired and/or wireless thermostats
  • Local configuration via bluetooth
  • Remote control and configuration
  • Simple and intuitive installation
  • WIFI communication

Startup with Installation Assistant

Installation Assistant allows you to configure the controller’s parameters step by step, when it is first commissioned and when the floor heating system is connected.

Parameters to be set during configuration are displayed in the form of questions in the ecoNEXT mobile application via bluetooth connection or on the screen of the xTherm Touch device.

Remote configuration and operation

ecoNEXT is a mobile application for controlling and configuring the xFLOOR controller via BT wireless connection.
The solution works in offline mode. The ecoNEXT app extends the functionality of xTherm thermostats.

With the ecoNET Cloud web platform, you will gain remote and transparent access to your heating and ventilation system 24/7.
Remote configuration, diagnostics and monitoring of systems and installations in ecoNET CLOUD, increases comfort, control and a sense of security not only for end users, but also installers and service technicians.

New range of xTHERM thermostats

xTHERM is a series of minimalistic and elegant thermostats that offer a wide range of personalization possibilities. In a very thin form, we managed to encapsulate all the necessary functionalities together with BT/WiFi modules. Thanks to ISM radio communication with xFLOOR controller and ecoNEXT application, they allow quick data reading and adjustment of parameters of the floor heating system.

Touch panel for intuitive operation

xTHERM TOUCH is a control panel with a 4.3″ touch screen. The panel has a built-in temperature sensor, allows configuration of all connected thermostats, and gives the user quick and easy access to service settings, operating schedules.




A web module with a management function and real-time data updates.

Aplikacja ecoNEXT


Mobile application for control and configuration of xFLOOR controller via BT wireless connection.

Gama termostató pokojowych


New series of wired and wireless thermostats.

ecoNET CLOUD web system


Web-based system to manage the installation.

xTHERM TOUCH touch panel


4.3″ touch control panel

Download application

ecoNEXT for iOS
ecoNEXT for Android