SVOC sensor

Sensor for measuring air quality, volatile organic compounds and humidity

DCV – Demand Controlled Ventilation

Air quality controlled ventilation system

Sensors are the key component in Demand Controlled Ventilation (DCV) systems. They allow monitoring room conditions and adjusting the amount of supplied air to actual demand, leading to more efficient and energy-saving operation of the ventilation system.

External sensor SVOC EX

  • 2x 0-10V outputs for data reading
  • Possibility of communication via MODBUS protocol (configuration and data reading)

A complete solution with ecoVENT

Optimize indoor air quality, reduce energy costs and increase occupants comfort with key elements for DCV systems – SENSORS! Thanks to the constant monitoring of temperaturehumidity and pollutant levelsthe ventilation system adapts to the specific conditions in the given space. This dynamic control allows for energy savings by reducing ventilation when it is not needed, while still providing adequate fresh air for occupants when required, resulting in improved indoor air quality and energy efficiency.