eSTER_x80, eSTER_x90

Wireless remote control panel with room thermostat function and full encrypted, two-way ISM radio transmission.


Full duplex ISM radio communication.


Editing controller parameters and central heating and ventilation system management.


Information about alarms, fuel level, regulator working modes.


Cooperation of several panels with full ISM radio communication and WiFi.

Room panel

  • It functions as a wireless remote control of PLUM devices,

  • works with the ISM_xSMART radio transmission module with LBS system,

  • provides thermal comfort in rooms thanks to two-way ISM radio communication with regulators,

  • enables reading and editing of all parameters of regulators and heating and ventilation circuits,

  • controls the mixing circuits in the weather and automatically corrects the heating curve in order to heat up the circulation,

  • offers simultaneous device software update via microSDHC card or microUSB OTG (optional) socket for cooperation with external memory,

  • control of the controller via WiFi using the ecoNET.apk, mobile application only in cooperation with the ecoNET300 Internet module.

xSMART System

  • LBS system – minimization of operating disturbances of other devices and high operational stability thanks to constant monitoring of connection quality,

  • room thermostat function with simultaneous synchronization of the clock with the regulator,

  • simple pairing with devices,

  • maintains a comfortable or economical temperature in the room,

  • selection of different controller operation modes and information on the fuel level,

  • alarm signaling and constant monitoring of circulation work,

  • setting the night and day temperature schedule,

  • Hotel mode – blocks access to the controller menu and other panels,

  • 4.3 inch screen with a touch screen,

  • remote desktop function for regulators.




Internet module performing the function of a service system – support and managing online work.