The controller of mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery function.


WiFi and  Modbus communication.




HYBRID with heat pumps and boilers.


Predictive heating-cooling algorithm.


The controller controls: ventilation unit, fans, heaters, cooler, bypass, GHE. It has anti-freeze protection, moisture recovery function and CO2 reduction. Integrated differential pressure sensors, by regulating the calculated mass and volume of the air stream, provide 25-30% greater efficiency of the ventilation system and detect filter dirt. Implementation of modules (analog and digital inputs are freely configurable):

  • ecoVENT MINI: power supply 230 V and PE, 3 relay outputs, 3 outputs 0-10V, 4 digital inputs, 4 measuring inputs, 230 V output, 3 communication ports.

  • ecoVENT MIDI: power supply 230 V, PE, 6 relay outputs, 2 outputs 0-10V, 2 outputs PWM, 2 outputs 0-10V/PWM, 5 digital inputs, 6 measuring inputs, 230 V and 24 V outputs, 3 communication ports, 2 differential pressure sensors, support for external CO sensors, air quality and humidity.

  • ecoVENT MAXI: power supply 230 V, 11 relay outputs, 4 outputs 0-10V, 2 outputs 0-10V/PWM, 7 digital inputs, 6 measuring inputs, 3 communication ports, support for external CO sensors, air quality and humidity.

ecoVENT system

It ensures high efficiency of heat recovery from ventilated rooms, monitors parameters in ventilation circuits and signals alarms, ensuring system response. Controls additional electric, water and cooler heaters in a smooth manner, ensuring high comfort and precision of the regulation of the ventilated air. Via digital inputs, it is possible to connect signals from the fire and FAS control panels, it can stop the operation of the ventilation unit or reduce its efficiency. Uses Modbus RTU, which allows control with BMS. Remote access to the system from anywhere using the ecoNET300 internet module and the ecoNET.apk, application.

Supported sensors

Sensor: humidity, CO2, air quality, temperature, differential pressure.




Internet module performing the function of a service system – handling and managing online work.



Transducer for measuring the differential pressure value with a voltage analogue output.

Czujnik SRHT


Humidity and temperature sensor.

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