Expansion valve controller.


Control of the bipolar/unipolar expansion valve.


Overheating/subcooling protection.


ModBus communication and configuration from the regulator menu.


Full protection of the compressor and its system. Signaling valve operation status and alarms.


    • Controls the operation of a bipolar / unipolar expansion valve and is designed to maintain constant overheat/subcooling of the refrigerant during compressor operation,

    • The controller uses a number of protective algorithms for compressor operation and its system, among others, from the overheating/subcooling of the refrigerant, exceeding the admissible values at the outlet of the evaporator and leakage of the refrigerant.


  • Configuration of controller and valve parameters from the heat pump regulator menu,

  • maintenance and control of too low or too high value of overheating/subcooling of the refrigerant based on measurement of pressure and temperature on the evaporator output (quick correction of valve position),

  • maintenance and control of the evaporator output pressure,

  • operation via digital input of the bipolar expansion valve (unipolar expansion valve in development),

  • independent settings of valve operation modes for heating, cooling, defreezing,

  • limitation of the valve regulation range for each valve operating mode,

  • function of forced opening of the valve when switching between modes – stabilization mode,

  • full-step, half-step, quarter-step operation – higher valve resolution and more precise regulation of overheat/subcooling of the refrigerant,

  • refrigerant leak detection (optional) and full valve closure or any valve position after power failure (standard),

  • reading the status of digital inputs and electronic detection of the end position of the valve,

  • hierarchy of protective algorithms and selection of refrigerant,

  • reading of the second pressure and temperature value and possibility to test the valve motor,

  • LED indication of controller and valve operation status and additional alarm signaling by the relay,

  • refrigerant leak detection (optional) and registration of the number of steps performed by the valve and the total duration of alarm conditions for the valve.

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