Controller for air heat pumps.


WiFi and Modbus communication.

Split / Monoblok operation.

OEM Expansion valves support.

HYBRID with the ventilation, solar and boiler.


  • Works with monoblock or split pumps. It controls: the lower heat source, the central heating and hot water circulation. It enables the production of chilled water (cooling mode). Controls compressor operation, CWU tank heaters and additional heat sources. It supports radiator, floor and fan coil units with cooling function.

  • ecoTRONIC200 HYBRID – the regulator simultaneously controls the heat pump and an additional heat source: gas boiler, oil boiler and solar collector.


The regulator:

  • through pressure and temperature measurements, controls processes in ground and air heat pumps with simultaneous control of the expansion valve in order to obtain the maximum COP and SCOP count for the season,

  • supports pump mode for heating and cooling rooms,

  • ensures: measurement of return and flow temperature, pressure measurement of compressed and decompressed working medium, operation of pressure switches, notification of end of compressor life, compressor protection, support for bivalent heat sources in 3 modes,

  • has a BURST mode – single and express DHW charging, display of critical alarms for the compressor, adaptation to each thermostat, weather control, time schedules, frost protection, hot water disinfection,

  • provides ground regeneration function for heat source, software update,

  • cooperation with the ecoNET300 internet module and the ecoNET.apk and mobile application via WiFi allows to control the on-line heat pump.

Smart and Eco home – System control

ecoTRONIC_smart home

Controlling ventilation and heat pump with one control panel.




Controls the operation of a bipolar/unipolar expansion valve and is designed to maintain constant overheat/subcooling of the refrigerant during compressor operation.


Individually fitted, programmable room thermostat with a touch screen.


Internet module working as service system controls and manages online operation.



Wireless room thermostat powered by battery.

B Module

Additional extension module.


Transmission interface for connecting the controller to a PC provides a possibility of changing the software.