Solar circuit regulator with support for HIGH EFFICIENCY pumps controlled by PWM signal.


Support for many solar applications


Information about alarms and prompts and time programs


Control of HIGH EFFICIENCY solar pumps with PWM signal and an additional heat source.


Data recording on an external memory card


  • Control of HIGH EFFICIENCY solar circuit pumps with PWM signal depending on the data obtained from temperature sensors,

  • data recording for profits on the microSD card and their presentation on the chart,

  • remote on-line control via a web page after connecting the ecoNET300 internet module.

Supported solar systems


  • graphic display,

  • selection of solar schemes,

  • illuminated control wheel “TOUCH & PLAY” and a smart menu,

  • H output for controlling an additional heat source or an additional pump,

  • switching off the heating with the heater when the solar starts working,

  • heat release function after exceeding the maximum container temperature,

  • visualization using a graph of recovered energy from the collector from the last days, months, years with recording data on a micorSD memory card,

  • support for holiday mode and stop mode set for a break and shutdown of the solar installation and holiday mode with the function of inverted operation, i.e. cooling of the system,

  • function with schedule and time programs,

  • additional protection in the form of a replaceable varistor and fuse,

  • protection of the collector against overheating and freezing,

  • automatic cooling function of the container.




Internet module working as service system controls and manages online operation.

Files to download