ecoNET system + Mobile application

Internet system with a mobile application performing a management and service function. It supports and manages the on-line work of PLUM devices in the WiFi network standard.


Communication with devices via WiFi.


On-line access to all device parameters and schedules.


Visualization of installations in the scheme. Clear graphs of heat gain, fuel consumption, data history.


Full on-line service control and and alarm recording.

Web module

    • Remote management of PLUM devices using a computer through a website,

    • the ability to control all parameters of heating circuits, ventilation and solar systems, heat pumps and boilers,

    • preview of the operating status of the selected device and registration of key parameters of its work,

    • clear visualization of device operation history in the form of graphs and history of alarms and data.

Mobile application

    • Mobile management of on-line operation of devices via tablet, smartphone using the application: ecoNET.apk and,

    • preview and change of equipment operation parameters and time schedules.




Communication interface for data exchange between the controller and a PC. It enables fast and convenient updating of the device software at the place of installation through communication with a computer.


ecoNET300, ecoNET SOL

Internet module for connecting devices via WiFi network to the Internet – ecoNET300 module for connecting regulators: ecoMAX series boiler, ecoTRONIC series heat pumps, ecoVENT series ventilation, ecoNET SOL module for connecting solar system regulators from ecoSOL series.