Universal regulator controlling heat sources and heating systems.

WiFi and Modbus communication.

Additional modules.

Integrated heat management.

Built-in information system.


  • Manages the main heat source (boiler, heat pump, solar panels, cascade of boilers), a reserve heat source (fireplace),

  • provides weather control based on heating curves,

  • has adaptive control of mixers,

  • a built-in touch panel of 5″ or 4.3″ with regulation,

  • provides temperature measurement in the room, frost protection, BUS expansion with further mixer modules.


    • Work management of the entire heating system and the possibility of expanding with further independent heating circuits,

    • automatic setting of temperature of heating circuits depending on the temperature outside,

    • cooperation with remote control and with the ecoNET300 internet module that enables control of the on-line heating circuit, updating and on-line service,

    • service via the ecoNET.apk application.



Internet module performing the function of a service system – handling and managing online work.

B, C Module

The module extends the operation of the main regulator module with additional heating circuits.

Sensor set

Standard temperature sensor type CT4, weather sensor type CT4P or CT6P.


Communication interface for data exchange between the controller and a PC. It enables fast and convenient updating of the device software at the place of installation through communication with a computer.

Files to download