Regulator for wood gasification boilers in complete ceasing.


Radio ISM communication and WiFi.

Individually adjusted.

Software update through microSDHC card.

Patented operation system.


    • In complete building,

    • controls the combustion process in boilers for gasification of wood,

    • weather control the central heating and hot water circulation as well as mixed radiator and floor circuits,

    • controls three-way and four-way valves,

    • also available in a version with a separate 5 “or 4.3” control panel.


    • Software upgrade by microSDHC card or miniUSB card,

    • configurable output H (alarms, reserve boiler, shunt pump, circulating pump),

    • extension with additional modules B and C, Summer / Winter mode, professional heating curves for the boiler and mixer circuits, work with the grate, fuel level displayed,

    • detection of STB operation, adaptive control of mixers,

    • cooperation with thermal buffer,

    • cooperation via ISM and WiFi with panels or remote control thermostats and the ecoNET300 internet module and the ecoNET.apk application, which allows you to manage the entire on-line heating system.



Wireless room thermostat powered by battery.


Individually fitted, programmable, wireless room panel with a touch screen.


Internet module working as service system controls and manages online operation.


Individually fitted, programmable room thermostat with a touch screen.


Individually fitted, programmable room thermostat with graphic display.


Transmission interface for connecting the controller to a PC provides a possibility of changing the software.


Optimization of the combustion process, maintenance of oxygen content flue gas at a preset level.

B and C module

The module extends the operation of the main regulator module with additional heating circuits.

Set of sensors

CT2-S fume sensor, CT4 standard sensor, CT4P weather sensor, OCP2 optical sensor.

Files to download