The weather regulator controls the operation of a solid fuel boiler using the optical flame brightness sensor. It has one-module construction.

Simple to use and assemble.

Cooperation with remote control.

It provides high boiler efficiency and saves fuel.

Stable, adaptive combustion and environmental protection.


    • It controls the combustion process in pellet boilers and burners and other biomass boilers,

    • Weather controls the central heating and hot water circulation,

    • cooperation with a room thermostat ensures the comfort of maintaining the temperature in a heated room.


  • Intuitive and simple operation, “TOUCH & PLAY” control system and display, which displays information in the form of clear icons,

  • modulation of fan power,

  • flame brightness detection,

  • control of central heating and hot water pumps, igniter and fuel feeder,

  • alarm signaling and STB protection,

  • intelligent menu system, in which unconnected elements are inactive (invisible).



Individually tailored, programmable room thermostat with graphical display.

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