Regulator for automated control and optimisation of the combustion process for wood gasification and traditional boilers.

Simple to use and assemble.

Cooperation with remote control.

It provides high boiler efficiency and saves fuel.

Stable, adaptive combustion and environmental protection.


    • Controls the combustion process in high-efficiency wood gasification boilers and traditional boilers,

    • has the ability to choose several work algorithms based on the measurement of the exhaust temperature, which ensure the optimization of the combustion process,

    • cooperation with a room thermostat ensures the comfort of maintaining the temperature in a heated room.


  • Intuitive and simple operation, “TOUCH & PLAY” control system and display, which displays information in the form of clear icons,

  • modulation of fan power,

  • support of the emission sensor and flame detection,

  • buffer operation, central heating and hot water pump control,

  • alarm signaling,

  • intelligent menu system, in which unconnected elements are inactive (invisible).



Individually fitted, programmable room thermostat with graphic display.

Set of sensors

CT2-S fume sensor, CT4 standard sensor.

Files to download