The regulator optimization of combustion process in air fireplaces.


Optimizing the combustion process that saves fuel and protects the environment.


Individual adaptation to the user’s fireplace type.


Choice of operating modes and automatic firing of the furnace.


Alarm signaling, no fuel detection and information about the fireplace operation parameters.


  • Regulates the combustion process in fireplaces,

  • performs the ignition process of wood in the furnace,

  • maintains exhaust temperature at a given level,

  • when the fuel ends, it carries out the process of burning the furnace, which limits the emission of harmful substances to the atmosphere,

  • regulation takes place by controlling the inflow of air to the fireplace hearth.


  • Full fit to the type of fireplace,

  • touch screen control 4.3 inches through a colorful, rotating menu,

  • smooth control of the PPD throttle – regulation of the air inflow to the furnace,

  • selection of operating modes: Auto, Ignition, Heat and manual control and time schedules settings,

  • software upgrade by microSDHC card.



Air throttle

Stainless steel throttle with a drive (available diameters 100, 125, 150).

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