‘Forbes’ Family Business Ranking 2019

Dear Sir or Madam,

The company PLUM Sp. z o.o. was among the honorable group of laureates of the 2nd edition of the Forbe’s magazine ranking – Family Business Forum 2019, taking 2nd place in the category: family businesses in Podlasie voivodeship. The award ceremony took place on November 14, 2019 in Warsaw. The prize has been received from the Organizers by Michał Szumski – a member of the PLUM Board.

Thank you for the award!

ISH 2019 Frankfurt

We finished the next edition of the international ISH fair in Frankfurt, where we presented a wide range of products and solutions for the heating, heat pumps and ventilation industry. We returned full of reflection and satisfaction from establishing new contacts. We would like to thank all guests for visiting the PLUM stand, for exchanging experiences and exceptional interest in the development of our products. See you during the next edition of the ISH fair!

PLUM focuses on practical education

Ladies and gentlemen,

On 10.10.2018 we had the honor to take part in the solemn inauguration of the Academic Year of dual studies in the field of electrotechnics at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Białystok University of Technology. As a partner of practical education, along with other 11 companies from the Podlasie region, we take part in a new project not only at the Białystok University of Technology, but also at the majority of universities in our region. The program ensures close contact between students and entrepreneurs through classes in vocational subjects that will take place in a given company. The first meetings will take place in November.

MCE-BIE Milano 2018

Ladies and Gentelmen,

Another trade fair in Milan, where we presented the latest solutions for the Heating and Ventilation industry, is behind us.
Visitors had a chance to familiarize themselves with a wide range of PLUM’s products and its latest solutions for pellet boilers, heat pumps, fireplaces and recuperators. We have established new contacts and received a lot of interest in our solutions.

Thank you for visiting us at our stand!

WGC Washington 2018

Ladies and Gentelmen,

We finished participation in the WGC World Gas Conference in Washington and we are back fully reflective. As WGC is one of the most important trade fair events in the GAZ industry, bringing together leaders and experts in this industry, it could not miss the PLUM company operating on the market for 30 years. This is yet another edition organized by the International Gas Union, in which we actively participated. We would like to thank all guests for visiting our stand, for exchanging experiences and exceptional interest in the development of our products.
See you in Vienna, this time during the next edition of EUW UTILITY!

Double victory

Ladies and Gentelmen,

We are pleased to inform that in the 11th edition of Kurier Poranny’s INNOVATION ranking, PLUM company became the Laureate once again.

This time in two categories – Inventor of the Year, and PRODUCION – for the advanced, battery-operated MacR6 gas flow recorder.

The gala of this year’s edition was held at the University Cultural Center in Bialystok, and on behalf of the Company both awards  were received by PLUM CEO – Mr. Jacek Kłos.

Thank you for the distinction!

                                                            fot. Wojciech Wojtkielewicz, źródło www.poranny.pl

Conference in Croatia

Ladies and Gentelmen,

33rd edition of International Scientific & Expert Meeting of Gas Professionals took place in 9th – 11th of May 2018. It was great example of rising demand for remote readings in Croatia and other countries of the region among key gas distributors as well as local representatives and international research institutions. Three day long international trade fair and following conference, gathering over 600 experts with about 230 companies, was the best place in which topics rised by recognized speakers resulted into combination of science, inspiration and making intresting and promising business contacts.

From all of presented products by Plum company, newest volume and energy gas meter MacBAT5 took most intrest.  No less important role was played by counters from MacR6 family.

We have hopes that business talks will result in satisfying and fruitful cooperation, determining the development of the natural gas market in the future.

Quality of PLUM

Dear Sir or Madam,

We are pleased to announce that PLUM Sp. z o. o. is one of the first manufacturers in the country that boasts the certificate: Notification of Quality Assurance for the production of intrinsically safe devices intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres (in accordance with Annex IV and VII of the ATEX Directive 2014/34 / EU).

To meet the demands of customers prompted the company PLUM Sp. o.o. to undergo certification according to the international IECEx standards. As part of the verification on 26 April 2016. By an external certification body FTZÚ, Fyzikálně technický Test Institute, based on the standard EN ISO / IEC 80079-34 Explosive atmospheres – Part 34: Application of quality management systems in production equipment, the company Plum . o.o. also acquired the right to obtain a certificate: IECEx Quality Assessment Report (QAR), which is preferred to trade outside of Europe.

In addition, we emphasize that in PLUM all processes are managed in an effective, comprehensive, and 100% monitored. This allows you to identify any errors, and the gradual improvement of facilities created at the design stage. The company is prepared to carry out current tasks, but also to set themselves new challenges on the domestic and international market. The achievement of the quality of support implemented and certified Integrated Management System. Certificates awarded to the company Plum in the field of Integrated Quality Management System:

  • ISO 9001:2008
  • ISO 14001:2004
  • BS OHSAS 18001:2007

The quality of the production of explosion-proof equipment manufactured in the company is closely supervised by a Notified Body – Physico-Technical Testing Institute Ostrava-Radvanice. Research on the operation of equipment in hazardous areas are certified to ATEX No. 04 ATEX Q 009