Electromagnetic compatibility


Ventilation and fire protection


Heating technology

Accredited Calibration Laboratory

The AP 074 Calibration Laboratory located on the PLUM territory and accredited by the Polish Centre of Accreditation provides professional supervision over company’s devices, measuring temperature, pressure, electrical values and air relative humidity. Unlimited access to an impartial laboratory equipped with standards available only in the National Metrological Institutes (e.g. Central Office of Measures) guarantees accuracy of measurement devices used in designing and manufacturing processes executed by the parent company. Upon request of our clients, the laboratory performs measurements documented by a calibration certificate and an accreditation symbol. These documents are recognized abroad as a confirmation of the metrological characteristics of devices manufactured by Plum Sp. z o.o. The AP 074 laboratory also renders services for clients within the range of calibration of platinum sensors, resistance thermometers (also SPRT with the use of fixed points acc. to MST-90), temperature converters, electronic thermometers, manometers, electrical value calibrators, fixed and adjusted resistors and thermo-hygrometers. The competitively priced calibrations are often performed with uncertainty comparable only to the Central Office of Measures. Regular audits and participation in comparisons between laboratories as well as highly competent workers guarantee the highest quality of services.

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Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory

The Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory has obtained the accreditation certificate of the Polish Center for Accreditation No. AB 1765. The laboratory enables design engineers to test the structure of devices at the time of building prototypes. Performing EMC tests during product development increases the possibilities of immunizing the devices against interference prevailing in industrial environments. The laboratory is equipped with the latest equipment from world producers such as: Schafner, Rohde Schwarz and carries out tests in accordance with applicable compatibility standards.
The modernly equipped Compatibility Laboratory enables the testing of devices at the design stage and the implementation of such tests as: Resistance to electrostatic discharge – ESD, resistance to quick transients, beams of electrical disturbances – BURST, resistance to radio frequency electromagnetic field, resistance to conducted disturbances, immunity for impacts – SURGE, Emissivity.

Heating system

The Heating Technology Laboratory is one of the 5 Laboratories run by Plum Ltd; it benefits from vast experience and world class research equipment and thus it gives its partners a significant competetive advantage on the market. The basic idea behind activities of the Laboratory is to enable boiler and fireplace manufacturers test their products with the precisely tailored algorithms of Plum regulators – thus ensuring optimalisation of combustion processes. The Plum ccoperation system enables the testing of algorithms and other tests with Plum partner devices and parallel adjustments introduced to automation devices. Such an approach guarantees individual selection of the algorithm and the function to any given heating device. A significant benefit arising from cooperation is the possibility to modify software in process, via Internet, by commercial partner of the Plum Company – using the ecoLink module. It creates tremendous opportunities during the development of new products. The infrastructure of the Laboratory consists of 5 research work stations with equipment including SIEMENS combustion fumes analyser, professional Nova 2000 analysers manufactured by German company MRU, hydraulic systems of various type (with buffers and mixing valves).

Application of Ventilation Laboratory

We test ventilation systems in order to provide the highest level of protection against fogging of horizontal and vertical evacuation routes in multi-storey buildings, e.g.: residential buildings, office, industrial buildings, shopping malls, hostels, hotels, etc. PLUM ventilation systems enable pressure selection depending on the object, guarantee 1 – 2 [s] response after closing the door and very good adjustment results app. 1 – 3 [s] in both more and less tight objects.

APS system

Adaptive Protection System (APS) is the innovative solution on fire ventilation protection market. The system provides very precise and stable distribution of overpressure of the whole evacuation route meeting all requirements of EN 12101-6:2005 standard. APS is constructed in modules – all devices included in the system are connected to each other with a transmission cable forming a closed loop (fire BUS).