Accredited Calibration Laboratory

Accredited Laboratory is a stationary calibration laboratory providing the services of calibration of instruments used to measure: electrical parameters, temperature, pressure and relative humidity. PLUM Measurement Laboratory meets the requirements of EN ISO/IEC 17025:2017 and, since 2005, has been accredited by the Polish Centre of Accreditation, certificate No.: AP 074 The accreditation is the confirmation of the competences of the laboratory and authorises it to issue calibration certificates recognised in Poland and abroad. The process of supervising the laboratory activities carried out by the Polish Centre for Accreditation, regular participation in inter-laboratory comparisons, expertise and experience of the staff and high measuring capacity achieved due to measuring standards of highest accuracy guarantee high quality of our services.

We offers calibration services

– digital multimeters, multifunction calibrators: voltage (DC, AC), current (DC, AC), resistance,
– laboratory standards,
– standard resistors, decade resistance boxes and electrical safety testers,
– simulators and temperature indicators,
– pressure gauges (digital and mechanical), pressure transmitters,
– instruments for measuring temperature and relative humidity: thermohygrometers, hygrometers, temperature and relative humidity transmitters,
– resistance temperature sensors, temperature transmitters with temperature sensors and electronic thermometers. The Calibration Laboratory has a stand for calibrating by the method of the fixed points cells, enabling reproduction of the International Temperature Scale IST-90 in the range from the triple point of mercury (-38.8344°C) to the freezing point of tin (231.928°C).
– radiation pyrometers, photoelectric pyrometers.

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