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Plum Sp. z o. o.

30 years of experience

For 30 years Plum is one of the most significant polish manufacturers of advanced industrial electronics and delivers modern solutions to the dynamically developing industry sectors: gas, heating and water. The company specializes in the design and manufacture of innovative measure and control devices that meet all required standards of Polish and European rank. Comapany’s products enable safe and cost effective management of energy carriers in dangerous areas (of a high risk for explosions) in public buildings and single-family houses.


1986 - 1992

Plum was started by the Szumski family, and was ran in Bialystok as a small family business.First major project of the company - designed and manufactured network gas convertors for special order of New Technology Department of the Mazowiecki Region of Gas Plants.First certificate to ever be attained in Poland from the Polish Committee of Normalization, Measurement and Quality, adhering to industrial standards of quality for flow computers.First laboratory introduced at PLUM, calibrating and testing machines were purchased for convertors.

1994 - 1996

First anti-explosion flow corrector ever to be introduced on the Polish market. First pressure calibrator purchased, which carry out specialized calibrations for flow correctors measuring pressure changes in devices. First climate control chambers purchased, which commenced automatic testing of all electronic devices manufactured with Plum. Multimeter HP purchased, beginning model calibrations for flow computers.



ISO 9001 received at Plum - The attainment of one of Poland’s very first high quality standard certification. Plum expands and relocates to a new manufacturing and testing complex – expanding production and testing opportunities. Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory started – gaining the opportunity to test devices for resistance of ESD discharge and induced malfunctions of device cables. Introduction of the first automatic assembly line of electronic boards, increasing production and quality of devices.

2004 - 2005

Electronic devices passed adhering to the CE standard, also receiving the FTZU certificate for devices in potentially explosive atmospheres. Accreditation carried out by the ATEX directive. Integrated Systems Management certification received by the British Standard Institute. First ever telemetric device introduced in Poland by Plum, working in potentially explosive atmospheres. Automatic electric board assembly machines installed, increasing production and quality of devices, while lowering production costs. Accreditation of Measuring Laboratory at Plum.


2006 - 2008

Financial projects completed, partly funded by the EU, valued at 2 469 000 00 PLN of the MacR(G)BAT device. Financial project completed of the MacMAt III, partly funded by the EU, valued at 2 355 000 00 PLN of the MacR(G)BAT device. New Laboratory of Heating Technology started control automation tests for the heating industry sector.


Another project finished - funded by the EU and state budget as part of the Regional Operational Programme for Podlaskie Voivodship 2007-2013 – ‘Enhancing the competitiveness of PLUM company through launching innovative product – EkoMax PID controller”. Total value of financial support 1 110 000,00 PLN. The investment equipped the world-class Laboratory of Heating Technology and Production Department. It also enabled using EcoMax PID controller for an ecological and cost effective burning process.