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Scientific research on ecoTRONIC controller

From project up to effect

Innovative algorithm for control of expansion valve in order to improve energy yield efficiency.

For air-water heat pump.

  • control function over PPV expansion valve
  • our agenda is to obtain a maximum value of COP and SCOP factors
  • reduction of electricity bills expenses
  • adaptation to indoors environmental conditions

Algorithm functionality

The controller and it’s algorithm is based on the model of object controlled with neural network used in artificial intelligence systems. The controller have the ability to “learn” the object and foresee settings for internal as well as external parameters in order to obtain a maximum operation efficiency of controlled device. The main goal is to get the maximum value of SCOP factor, that is physically possible to achieve from given heat pump device.
  • the usage of this kind of algorithm creates a control system of overheating and subcooling based fully on neural network.
Scientific research
Scientific research
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