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The System ecoVENT - controller is designed for application in Heat Recovery Ventilation. It is a new generation of control system with color touch screen and intuitive menu.

  • Control over heaters and coolers.
  • Cooperation with bypass and ground heat exchanger.
  • Remote control over Website or mobile application ecoNET (App iOS and APK Android).

The System ecoVENT controller enables easy extension with additional control modules. An expanded registration system allows comfortable access to historical data and makes considerably faster repair and maintenance services.

  • Connection with Fire Alarm Control Panel and Building Management System integration.
  • Supervision of ventilation shafts parameters and an alarm indication, thus providing adequate system response.
  • Antifreeze and fireplace protection system as well as moisture recovery and carbon dioxide reduction functions.
  • Additional interface for PLUM Active Noise Reduction System.

The System ecoVENT controller was so designed to be applicable in ventilation systems with heat recovery function. Because of control over air intake and exhaust ventilators the controller ensures high performance for heat being recovered from the air coming from inside of a building.

  • The controller has a variety of configuration possibilities.
  • Control over cooler and additional electric or water heaters on a fluent manner thus ensuring high regulation precision for ventilated air as well as operation comfort.
  • External digital inputs enabling connection for other control or alarm signals received from Fire Control System and other automation systems.
  • External signals can be received by the controller thus leading to stop the AHU or reduce its efficiency, depending on the selected options.
  • The controller was being equipped with a range of additional safety and diagnostics systems in order to maintain secure operation and in the same time project an information about detected malfunctions.
  • Registration system allows for saving all alarm states, that were being detected during operation and also ensures adequate system reaction for occurred malfunctions.
  • As an additional function the controller provides communication via Modbus RTU and so there is a possibility to monitor and control over device using an external Building Management System.
  • The ecoVENT controller can be controlled over the Website and mobile application ecoNET (App iOS and APK Android)
  • Control over Air Handling Unit from different places of a building thanks to remote control panel ecoTOUCH.
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