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The PLUM research and development team has come to a solution for overcoming the low – and high frequency noise, spreading through ventilation shafts. It is the ANCA system, which is the combination of passive and active noise reduction methods.

Research methods.

The PLUM test site was equipped with an array of sensors and microphones. Because of this acoustic wave measurement is being done in each and every neuralgic point of our installation such as behind ventilator, before and after active attenuator as well as on intake and exhaust of ventilation shaft. Thanks to the microphones, signal stabilizers and an analytical software we succeeded in precise mapping of all audible frequencies, carried out through ventilation shaft. The level of advancement PLUM laboratory made possible an accurate analysis of all physical phenomena, that can occur in an air shaft. The foundation for creating the ANCA System was therefore reliable research work and confirmed test results.

Expected application


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